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David Cassidy: Royalties For Pop Royalty

August 8, 2011


David Cassidy

His partridge feathers are ruffled. Getty Images/Sebastian Artz.

David Cassidy is the latest celebrity to sue a studio for unpaid royalties from a hit TV series from the past.

The former Partridge Family star tells CNN that it's "ludicrous, unfair and wrong" that he's received just $5,000 for merchandise based on the hit sitcom and his Keith character. In Hollywood Hustle, a CNN documentary that aired last Sunday night, he warned, "You owe me a fortune ó you want to go to trial, big bad Sony against David Cassidy, go ahead."

Cassidy's action comes on the heels of a similar action by several cast members of another iconic '70s sitcom, Happy Days. ~JZ.

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